How islam population is spreadout in the world.

How islam population is spreadout in the world.

The world’s Islam population is very widespread than you may have thought. Statistics show that Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. Their origin is traced back to the the Asian continent where 75% of this population is found. The following countries however make up for the majority of this population. Islam has two sub groups; Sunni and shier.The world has around 1.6 billion Islam people


About 80% of Indonesian population is Islam. Out of this population majority are Sunni defined with shier Muslims being the minor. It is prudent to note that historically this country was home to Hindus but with the spread of Islam around the thirteenth century, the inhabitants were subdued. Islam grew over the centuries to become the county’s largest population.


This country is home to world’s second largest Islam population at about eighty five percent. Like Indonesia the Sunni group dominates in numbers compared to shier. Pakistan became a center of Islam back in the 7th century after the Muslim army invaded modern day Pakistan taking over power. Later more Islam people from Arabia began trickling in Pakistan. With time, their population has continued to multiply rapidly becoming world’s second Islam populous nation.

Saudi Arabia

Described as the mother of Islam by historians there is no doubt Islam religion and culture traces its root from this nation. This nation is home to world’s third highest Islam population. The powerful Islam rulers rose from Saudi Arabia at around the 2nd century and went on to establish strong empires and armies in the Middle East. That played a major role in spreading Islam in the region. Today the nation is still home to millions of Islam people. Other nations in Asia such as Iraq, India, Iran and Qatar also have high numbers of Islam population

Islam in Africa

North African nations such as Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia are also home to millions of Islamic people. About twenty percent of Islam population in the world is found in these countries. Islam penetration in North Africa dates back during the Trans Saharan trade when Arab Muslims came to Africa for commercial activities.


Other nations in the world also have insignificant Islam populations. European nations such as turkey and Russia are home to a great number of this population. However the spread of Islam in north and South America seems to have been minimal perhaps due to the vast distances that were difficult to cover in the late centuries. Very few Islams are found in America.

Women’s role and rights in Islam

Women’s role and rights in Islam

In the event that you were to ask an individual who is not a Muslim what they considered ladies in Islam, they would presumably utilize the words “oppressed” and ‘secound class nationals’. This is not their deficiency as they are basically perusing into the features and movies that depict Muslim ladies as being feeble and with no genuine rights in Islam whatsoever. They see Muslim ladies wearing a shroud or headscarf however don’t have the foggiest idea about the explanation for this and will achieve the conclusion that this is since they are continuously ruled by their envious spouses. The time it now, time to scatter a percentage of the myths encompassing Islam & ladies.

Muslim ladies are really given a high status in Islam. Much of what is seen and how some Muslim ladies are dealt with is not in light of religion however all the more by custom. These two ought not be befuddled as being identified with each other. Islam does not say that ladies ought not be taught as it urges ladies to take in as they are to help lead what’s to come eras of Muslims on the planet and for them to be great residents in their particular nations.

The wearing of the headscarf and blanket of the physique is needed by Muslims however much could be taken outside the realm of relevance as it was initially composed. Men are likewise needed to blanket themselves yet this is not dependably finished by Muslim men, this is when Islam is utilized against the accepting ladies to make them accept that what they are advised to do is some piece of Islam however is really not. Ladies that wear the headscarf regularly due so out of particular decision and their eagerness to accompany their conviction.

Muslim ladies are completely allowed to work, and to instruct themselves and have been finishing so in numerous nations around the globe. There are numerous nations as far and wide as possible where Muslim ladies are constantly oppressed and are, no doubt treated as secound class residents yet in the West things have changed incredibly and are keeping on advancing the privileges of the commonplace Muslim lady. Constrained orchestrated relational unions are a relic of past times in the West as is the thought that ladies ought not be qualified for vote or drive.

Ladies are the heart of a Muslim family and ought to be treated with affection and appreciation. Islam does not say for ladies to be utilized as cleaners or cooks around the home. This is a conventional quality typically carried from the Eastern nations again here to the West and for the sole accommodation & recreation of the spouse. This is not how Islam says to treat ladies.

Islam is a lifestyle, an approach to lead an extremely quiet and profitable life for both men and ladies. There are contrasts from men and ladies however as long as they accompany the accurate teachings of Islam then they can cooperate to both be the best Muslims they might be.

Believes and Laws of the Islamic Society


You may be a Christian believer but have you ask yourself about What is Islam ? Do you believe they worship the same God you worship? The Muslims just like any other churches have total believe in their God. They have surrendered to God’s will and do everything as recommended by God. To them they believe serving God is not mandatory. This is because they know that at the end of this life each and every one will be answerable personally and not as the church of Islamic.

They refer to Jesus as Muhammad who was the last prophet. He came after all other prophets in order from Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses. Despite all the prophets were sent by God they believe worshiping the only True God makes one inherit everlasting life. They expect all people to admit to the Creator and respect all His Creations.

For the Islam happiness in life only comes through trust in God. This comes by doing as required and doing God’s will. They don’t believe in worshiping any other being except the Creator of the world. Being at peace is a great concern of the Islamic religion. They refer to it as the “salam”. They always pray to God to overcome any evil activity that may hinder their peace. By doing this the Islamic community has always stayed in peace and serving God.

You may not have realized the relationship or difference between body and soul. It is always true that when human beings die their soul leaves them but the body remains. The Islam teaches us that the soul comes from God. This is why it returns when the body dies but it does not die. They therefore keep the soul very clean. This is only possible by following God’s rules. Respect, obedience, kindness, loving and prayerful individuals will keep their soul clean. The pleasure of the body should not be there since they affect the soul. They believe the body of human beings came from the earth and that why it dies. After death it returns to the earth where it came from.

They always have five pillars to make their faith strong. These are creed, daily prayers, alms-giving, Ramadan fasting and pilgrimage of Mecca. The pilgrimage of Mecca always happened on yearly basis. The Islam also believes that all things happening on earth are under the control of God. This is to encourage them that despite bad happenings they will overcome the temptations. Their law hinders them not to do certain activities and give men some power over the women.